Qualaceutics, the producer of Konopi Essentials is dedicated to producing topical skincare products that utilize as many natural and organic ingredients as possible. Though we pride ourselves on only using CBD oil derived from organically grown hemp, we go a step further and infuse our CBD oil into bases and creams that are primarily natural and/or organic. Our golden rule is quite simple, if we can’t pronounce an ingredient or need a biologist to tell us exactly what it is – then we don’t need to put in our products.

Is there a difference in CBD oil derived from industrial hemp that is organically grown? Absolutely! Our network of farmers go to great lengths to produce hemp organically, which means there are no machines, no pesticides and no chemicals. To maintain weed and grass control in order not to deprive the hemp plant of nutrients, each farmer has to remove all weeds and grass the old fashioned way – a hoe. In order to maintain and reduce bug infestation of the crop, each farmer uses organic solutions only. In the end, our consumers receive CBD oil that is free of any harmful pesticides and potential metals.

Whether it is organically grown hemp, natural ingredients, organic ingredients or essential oils – Qualaceutics is dedicated to producing the perfect product with just the right ingredients.”

It hardly makes sense to infuse our tropicals and bases with CBD oil from organically grown hemp, if we don’t do duplicate the same effort with the other ingredients. Our goal of delivering the most effective products formulated with natural and/or organic ingredients starts with a very selective process. The process of selecting ingredients, starts with understanding each key ingredient. Questions we must answer are: Is it a necessary ingredient? Is the ingredient effective? Does the ingredient have harmful side effects? Is the ingredient available in a natural or organic form? Knowledge is super power when determining the value of each ingredient. We strive to weed out the unnecessary parts, include the most effective parts and will not use the potentially harmful parts.

Most of our products contain several Essential Oils. Each Essential Oil has a purpose and when formulated properly will produce a positive result. For many years, Essential Oils have had its fair share of peaks and valleys; however, the use of Essential Oils is a complicated process. Not all Essential Oils are equal, and each (or a combination of) serve a great purpose in healing and repairing the human body. Research has proven certain Essential Oils at the right dosage can help with anxiety, assist with sleep disorders, contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties, provide pain relief, balance hormones, fight infections, support healthy digestion, boost energy levels, prevent certain illnesses and boost the Immune System. Essential oils contain tiny molecules that are much more easily absorbed into the body than other types of oils, so when an oil is used on the skin, the body rapidly obtains the benefit of the oil. Several Essential Oils contain properties that help repair and restore damaged or aging skin.

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